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Our hair is mostly made up of keratin, which is a protein that forms the basic building block of our hair fibre. It is held together by bonds that give our hair structure and shape.


The Strengthening Bond Builder by KERASILK is a deep-acting, intensive treatment with Biomimetic Silk and Bondamide. Our 100% vegan formula1 builds new hair bonds to repair brittle, dull or rough and even highly damged hair. The Kerasilk Strengthening Bond Builder strengthens the hair structure down to the cortex and prevents future damage - for up to 20 x stronger hair, long-lasting stability and up to 98% less hair breakage.


Ideal for: All hair types; even highly damaged hair.


Key Benefits:

  • This deep acting, high performance hair treatment significantly restores even highly damaged and weakened hair from the inside out and results in 20x stronger hair.
  • It prevents up to 98% of hair breakage and significantly improves the elasticity of each hair strand.
  • For healthy looking, smooth hair with natural shine.
  • The Strengthening Bond Builder by Kerasilk is a CO2.
  • Proudly PETA-certified
  • 100% vegan product that isfree from silicones, sulphates, dyes, microplastics, mineral oils and parabens.


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